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More About Our Company

Garmani Display Technology is a technical based company established since 2003. Specialized in development, supply installation and service of LED Electronic Display Boards of various sizes, UAV and Drones for indoor and outdoor applications.
We researched and developed programmable moving sign LED displays since 1999 and we developed our own Flight Control System Hardware and Software for UAVs in 2006. We always focus on the improvement of our LED Products and Unmanned Vehicles with a strong back up team and we have been continuously developing various new products to meet the client demands.


RHS4. Eiksitan Housing, Wayzayantar Ward, Waizantar Rd., Thingandun Township. 11071, Yangon, Myanmar.
Tel: (+95 1) 542621, (+95 9) 5021934, (+95 9) 250496346, ( +95 9) 250496347
Email: info@garmanimyanmar.com

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